Our Town

DeKalb County

Welcome to DeKalb County

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Tennessee, DeKalb County embodies the charm of rural living while offering a vibrant community spirit. As the proud home of Hosanna Farm, we invite you to explore our town and discover its beauty and warmth.

DeKalb County is surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery and provides a stunning backdrop for any occasion. From the tranquil countryside to the meandering streams, nature lovers will find endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

You can experience the charm of hometown events resonating with bluegrass melodies at the courthouse square. Enjoy leisurely afternoons by the serene shores of Center Hill Lake or embark on a captivating weekend tour exploring local artist studios.

Hosanna Farm is proudly nestled in DeKalb County, Tennessee. Our beautiful county has so much to offer. Visit www.dekalbtn.org for more information.